Vision and mission

Debt Collection EU strives to unburden its clients by offering all options to collect outstanding receivables in a manner most suitable for the client. In doing this, we are able to realise an optimum between return, quality, image, and continuity.


Debt Collection EU is a leading, modern, and international operating bailiff agency that was first established in Dortmund. Debt Collection EU headquarters are now based in Berlin. We also have offices in Madrid, Rome, Salzburg and Amsterdam.

We provide the best financial solution for your business


Core quality

We continuously strive to comply with the highest quality label requirements and standards and, in addition to the ISO ISAE 3402 Type 2 standard, we are the only bailiff agency certified according to the pioneering Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) standards.


Financial security

Debt Collection EU offers financial security and continuity: we guarantee our clients a healthy financial organisation and a high return on your collection affairs.

In short

Debt Collection EU is a leading and modern legal agent organization. Debt Collection EU operates throughout the European Union and is one of the largest debt collection organizations in the EU.